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3-Step Skin Refresh Set


This 3-step mask routine has everything you need to give your skin a refreshing at-home spa day. Symphony Beauty Refresh wipes cleanse the skin and remove makeup, creating a clean slate for MediHeal Airpacking Pink Wrap mask to work its revitalizing magic. Use Snow Cream Moisturizer after masking to hydrate and lock in all the nourishment. Your complexion will love this instant refreshing boost. 

1) Symphony Beauty Refresh (30ct)
2) MediHeal Airpacking Pink Wrap (1 pack)
3) Purifect - Snow Cream Moisturizer (100ml)
After cleansing the face with Refresh Makeup Cleansing Wipes, use MediHeal Airpacking Pink Wrap. Then, layer on Snow Cream Moisturizer to hydrate and lock in skincare benefits. Apply all products according to their respective usage instructions.