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Symphony Beauty Gives Back to Support COVID-19 Relief

by James Jo on October 16, 2020

Stronger Together

NEW YORK, October 7, 2020 - Symphony Beauty Box announced a multi-faceted initiative to help support hot spots throughout Queens, NY, during the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery.


With so much uncertainty and concern surrounding the recent coronavirus, it's easy to feel helpless - but there's something we can all do together to help fight it! Apart from staying safe and following guidelines from our medical professionals  , we can all do our part to get help to people and regions that have been affected. 


A Message From the Team


"We are beyond grateful for all the support the local community has provided, from healthcare professionals to law enforcement. But, we are especially grateful for YOU, our beauty community, for making this even happen! ⁠Over the past month we have donated thousands of #certified and #verified face masks and hand sanitizers to NYPD to help combat hot-spots throughout the Queens New York area. At Symphony Beauty, we pride ourselves on always bringing you the best quality products at wallet-friendly prices. Now is your opportunity to help make a difference right from home. Any purchase made through, will be counted towards giving back to vulnerable communities across New York. Make a purchase that truly counts.⁠"


Now is a time to support one another and fight through these times. We are committed to helping each other because we believe that together, we are stronger. ⁠

Make a Purchase That Counts


In response to the impact coronavirus has had on New York and local communities, The Symphony Beauty team stands to help limit the spread of the virus and ease the related hardships face by local communities in which we live and work in. Guided by it's values and spirit of giving, Symphony Beauty has made contributions including verified and certified face masks and hand sanitizers. But, this wouldn't be so easy as it wasn't for the wonderful and supportive beauty community. The Symphony Beauty Team wants to say Thank You for your support, and in turn wants to help back. Every purchase you make will count towards continuing to help out vulnerable communities and those in need.

You can help out here

Why It's Important to Support Those Affected By COVID-19


The impact COVID-19 has extended far beyond those who have become ill. Entire communities now face emergency lockdowns. With such staggering numbers of people in quarantine and those becoming sick and needing to stay protected, it's important to understand the situation and try our best to help one another. 


Love, the Symphony Beauty team


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