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The Perfect Duo

by Bruce Lee on June 24, 2020

Transform Your Skin with this Perfect Skincare Duo



Serums – moisturizers – oils …


We all know how good moisturizers, serums, masks, and other skincare goodies are, but have you ever asked yourself if you’re applying them in the most effective way? Have you ever used a product and wondered why you aren’t seeing the results you were promised? Well, fear no more – our beauty experts are here to help you!


Here’s everything you need to know about facial serums and moisturizers for your skincare routine. Let’s start with the basics.


What are serums:

Serums are highly-concentrated concoctions and serve to deliver powerful active ingredients directly into the skin. Serums allow you to focus on specific skin concerns and target them directly. Serums can penetrate deeply into the skin (because their molecular size is super small) and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients which makes them mega effective. Serums can be oil-based or full of moisturizing compounds, so it really depends on which one you get!


What are oils:

Oils are a blend of skin-friendly emollients that work as moisturizers by creating a magical layer on your skin. They help to seal in moisture and reduce the appearance of redness and wrinkles.


What are moisturizers:

Moisturizers work by trapping and holding water in the skin, when combined with some oily ingredients that binds moisture.


Why Should I Use a Serum and Moisturizer Together?

This Perfect combination of Clara’s New Yoke Collagen Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Snow Cream work well together because


How Should I Use Them?

Literally two steps – it’s that easy

On cleansed and toned skin, apply a small amount of facial oil followed by the Snow Cream moisturizer. The active ingredients in the serum will sink deep into the skin while the moisturizer will lock in the hydration, moisture, and juicy benefits of the facial serum – and voila! The ingredients in the moisturizer will activate the serum, for deeper skin penetration so your skin can soak in all those skin-glowing goodies!



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With love,

Symphony Beauty


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