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Flowers for Skincare (Benefits)

by Bruce Lee on July 09, 2019

Every girl loves flowers, and apparently so does your skin! Today, I want to talk about 6 of my all time favorite flowers for skin care and their amazing benefits. From sensitive to normal skin, oily to dry skin, I will help you find the perfect match for you!

  1. Chamomile
    A multi-tasking flower, Chamomile reduces puffiness, controls inflammation (aka acne), and naturally improves elasticity. Be careful, though, as chamomile can be drying, so it is important to use a hydrating cream after using any chamomile product. EssenHerb Black Tea Scrub is . Purifect Snow Cream Whipped Gel Moisturizer is luxuriously rich in Witch Hazel, Anthemis Nobilis Flower extract and Vitamins C & E to deliver your skin a clean and ultra-hydrated complexion. This single-use lip patch, Hello Bello Goodbye Chapped Lips Lip Patch, is one of my favorite lip masks as it contains nourishing Aloe, Peach, and Chamomile extracts for nourishing and hydrating plumped lips.

Black Tea Scrub
Snow Cream Gel Moisturizer
Hello Bello
Goodbye Chapped Lips Lip Patch



  1. Rose 
    One of the most common beauty flower ingredients, Rose Centifolia is known for its intense skin repairing and hydrating properties. It reduces redness, inflammation, dryness, and promotes anti-aging. Its astringent properties help to tighten pores with its natural vitamins and antioxidants. Rosa Centifolia contains approximately 60% phenylethanol, which gives the flower its antiseptic properties to control acne and other common skin concerns such as atopic dermatitis. The presence of Vitamin C in the flowers helps protect the skin cells from free radicals and other environmental pollutants. Gentle and therapeutic, this flower has innumerable benefits to offer our skin. Plus, it balances the skin’s pH levels, which is essential in preventing your skin from drying out or feeling too oily! I love the Purifect Micellar Cleansing Water – Rose , as it’s formulated with Rosa Centifolia flower extract and Micellar Technology for an all-in-one cleansing water that effectively and gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup.


Micellar Cleansing Water - Rose
Bulgarian Rose Cream


  1. Lavender 
    Lavandula Angustifolia, Lavender, is best known for its therapeutic benefits, but did you know the amazing benefits of it for your skin? For centuries, Lavender has been used to treat various skin conditions, from anti-aging to balancing sebum (oil). The versatility of Lavender makes it a popular skincare ingredients. Lavender has the ability to neutralize the skin, control dryness, and fight off bacteria with its antioxidant properties. This amazing flower improves blood circulation on the skin by adding oxygen to the skin cells, which results in higher cell turnover = anti-aging! It equalizes the skins’ pH levels by controlling the natural product of oil on your skin. This makes for a great natural tool to fight acne-related skin conditions. And, it’s safe to say that this flower can truly bring you the beauty sleep you deserve! While lavender doesn’t actually help you fall asleep, it relaxes muscles and calms your nerves for a better sleep. According to studies, lavender promotes up to 20% more sleep if using lavender-infused products!  The Jeju:En Sheet Mask and Chill series, contains up to 8 different types of flower extracts – wowie! This super fun and nutrient-rich mask is ultra-hydrating. It’s so hydrating that it’s bananas!
Sheet Mask & Chill
Medi Stem Collage Cream


  1. Hibiscus 
    Rich in AHAs and BHAs, Hibiscus serves as an antioxidant, exfoliator, and skin reviver. Including this flower in your regular skincare routine will enhance your skin to look younger and reduce dark spots.
    Hibiscus does also amazing benefits to your hair! Due to its high levels of miculage polysaccharides, this flower can hydrate your hair leaving it soft and silky! 


Absolute New York
Tighten My Face Lifting Mask


  1. Jasmine 
    Suitable for all skin types, this extraordinary flower offers a myriad of beauty benefits. Jasmine prevents the skin from harmful toxins found in the environment by creating a protective layer on the skin’s surface.
    BRTC Perfect Pore Tightening Cleansing Oil contains 90% rice bran oil and Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) flower extract for brighter and smoother skin. Another amazing product by BRTC is the Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack – excellent for soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin while you sleep! With patented ingredients of Blue Phyto Complex, get the skin of your dreams overnight!
Perfect Pore Tightening Cleansing Oil
Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack


  1. Calendula 
    Calendula Officinalis, Calendula, is a flower rich in history. It has been used in Mediterranean countries since the 12th Known for its antisceptic properties, Calendula can help treat scars and prevent acne from getting worse. It works by stimulating collagen production and promoting skin tissue regeneration. It also contains flavonoids and linoleic acid, key factors known for fighting inflammation. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Calendula may also reduce pain and swelling. So, if you’re struggling with acne or post-scarring, try to look for Calendula-infused products for your normal skincare routine. Here are a few of my favorite Calendula-rich products to keep my skin looking and feelings healthy: Pureheals Calendula 50 Blemish Toner contains 50% Calendula Officinalis Extract for hydrating the skin while balancing pH levels. Want to achieve beauty skin overnight? Try this! Jeju:En Aloe Gel Sleeping Mask contains Aloe Vera extract, minerals from Jeju sea water, and Calendula Officinalis flower extract for purely nourished and elasticity-improved skin! Calendula prevents aging in two different ways: 1) Promotes skin tightness and 2) Increases hydration within the skin. No wonder people used to use this medical flower for decades!
Aloe Gel Sleeping Mask
Calendula 50 Blemish Toner


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