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K-Beauty Skincare Routine

by Bruce Lee on May 08, 2019
K-Beauty skincare routine
Hi friends! Today, I want to share with you our secret K-Beauty skin care routine – finally! Korean Beauty is skincare derived from Korea – where natural & healthy products are a total MUST when it comes to achieving glass skin. I want to introduce K-Beauty to you because not only are the products designed to work long-term but because their holistic philosophy focuses on improving skin from the inside out.
I will break it down into a few routines based on your skin type with a few surprise tips and tricks here and there.


Let’s be honest, how many times have you tried to change your skin care routine and just can’t find the right products? We’ve all gone through it, but that’s why you have me to help you! I’ll break down the ingredients, their benefits, and what you should be looking for in your skin care products to get the most out of them. Our skin changes from time to time, so it’s important to find the right products that match your skin’s needs. So, let’s jump in!


  1. Double cleanse. Use an oil cleanser followed by a water cleanser. I can’t stress enough how important the “double” part is. Just using Witch Hazel or a toner simply won’t do it. The oil cleanser is designed to remove any makeup and excess oils you have on your skin. Remember chemistry 101? Likes attract likes, so the cleanser oils will pull any excess oils you have that are clogging your pores. I would recommend the Symphony Beauty Facial Cleansing Foam – Cucumber & Aloe Vera, this formula contains refreshing cucumber extract, soothing aloe, and Vitamin E for collagen stimulation promoting a radiant and healthy complexion. The water cleanser will then hydrate and smooth your skin, targeting any particular skin problem you have. The Purifect Micellar Cleansing Water - Rose is gentle on the skin and is Paraben, Sulfate, and cruelty free. Tip: be sure to use a fresh facial towel every time you dry your skin.

Facial Cleansing Form
- Cucumber & Aloe Vera
Micellar Cleansing Water - Rose
BRTC Perfect Pore Tightening
Cleansing Oil


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  1. Exfoliate. Note this is to be done once every 1-2 weeks. Over exfoliating may lead to dry skin. If you have more oily skin, try using this gentle exfoliation peel pad Hello Bello Goodbye Dead Skin Cells – Gentle Exfoliation Peel Pad twice a week. It’s not harsh on the skin as it contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, and green tea extracts, and will not dry your skin out like most common exfoliators. Tip: you can exfoliate with a washcloth soaked in hot water. Simply place the soaked washcloth on your face and massage your face using upward and circular strokes.


Goodbye Dead Skin Cells 
- Gentle Exfoliation Peel Pad
Black Tea Peeling Gel



  1. Hydrating toner. This step is crucial in balancing the pH level of your skin and hydrating your skin. To achieve the “glassy skin” look, it’s important to prep and hydrate your skin with a quality toner to prevent any dryness or flakiness after cleansing and exfoliating. The PureHeals Centella Reviving Toner and PureHeals Calendula Blemish Toner are my holy grails when it comes to toners. The Centella toner is infused with botanical ingredients and vitamins to help strengthen the skin barrier while the Calendula Blemish Toner contains 50% calendula extracts to care for sensitive skin, preventing excess sebum to create an oil-moisture balance. 
Centella Reviving Toner
Calendula 50 Blemish Toner



  1. Essence. For extra hydration, try using an essence. Essences are more lightweight than ampoules and serums, while delivering a similar result to your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Apply an essence after cleansing and toning your skin but before you apply any serum or facial oils. 
  1. Face oils, serums, ampoules. The most personalized step in any skincare routine. This is when you want to be specific with the areas you want to target. Whether it’s anti-aging, wrinkles, firming, dry/oily skin. For problematic skin (like acne, red spots, blemishes) try this natural blend of 100% natural tea tree and vitamin E oils Purifect Facial Oil Serum – Tea Tree & Vitamin E, it helps treat and prevent problematic skin. If you have enlarged pores, try the DewyTree Miracle Serum – Pore Minimizing, the Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A – Beta Carotene, and Tea Tree help tighten the skin resulting in smaller pores. If you’re concerned with anti-aging or wrinkles, then ampoules will become your best friends!
Facial Oil Serum - Tea Tree
Miracle Serum - Pore Minimizing
Propolis 90 Ampoule



  1. Masks. Sheet masks in the morning, luxurious peel-off masks at night. I like to put on a Jeju:En Sheet Mask and Chill in the morning and go around doing my usual routine. By the time I finish making cup of coffee, my skin is hydrated and ready to conquer the day! Plus, I get a small laugh out of their punny sheet masks, so I already know I’m starting my day on the right foot! And to end my day, I have to resort to the Symphony Beauty Rose Gold Peel-Off Mask, I just simply can’t resist the heavenly natural rose extract smell! 
Symphony Beauty
Rose Gold Peel-Off Mask
Jeju:en - Sheet Mask & Chill
Are You Sheeting Me?!? (Aloe)
Dewytree - Strawberry Honey
Peel-Off Nose Pack




  1. Creams. Eye cream, face cream, SPF, and all that good stuff. The Purifect Snow Cream Whipped Gel Moisturizer is hands down the best moisturizer I have ever tried, seriously… The texture is bouncy, light-weight, and the formula is water based so I don’t have to worry about it clogging my pores – double win! The EssenHERB Bulgarian Rose Cream is another one my favorites if your skin is feeling dry. It contains Rosa Damascena Flower and patended botanical ingredients to prevent skin moisture barrier loss.
Snow Cream Moisturizer
Propolis Cream
Bulgarian Rose Cream



This easy-to-follow 7 step routine will leave your skin feeling fresher than ever! Give this a go and you will simply be amazed at the results. But, at the core of it all, Korean beauty is all about glowing from within. It’s about self-care, about self-love, and about glowing from within! See you in my next blog post my K-Beauties!



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